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 Learn more about an Environmental Justice Element.

What is an Environmental Justice Element?

An EJ Element sets clear goals and actions to advance health in communities of color and low-income communities that face higher pollution and other health risks. The EJ Element will serve as an adopted element of the General Plan. EJ Elements aims to

  • Reduce pollution exposure and improve air quality
  • Promote public facilities
  • Promote food access
  • Promote safe and sanitary homes
  • Promote physical activity and exercise
  • Reduce any additional unique or compounded health risks
  • Promote civic engagement in the public decision-making process
  • Prioritize improvements and programs that address the needs of disadvantaged communities

The EJ Element will ensure that residents have a say in decisions that affect their quality of life and will address disproportionate impacts to certain environmental justice communities in order to ensure an equal distribution of public resources. We want to hear from you, specifically about your lived experience related to the topics above, and how we can create and prioritize policies and programs to make a better and more just community.

The City of La Puente’s draft 2024 Community Safety Element is now available for public review and input.  The safety element is one of seven required elements of the General Plan and specifically addresses natural hazards and environmental risks to the community. In accordance with California Government Code Section 65302(g) (GC 65302) the City of La Puente is updating its Community Safety Element to be consistent with the certified 6th Cycle Housing Element.
The 2024 Community Safety Element addresses natural hazards including, but not limited to fire, seismic, and flood risk, and provides goals, policies, and actions that build capacity and increase resilience to these hazards. In accordance with Senate Bill 379, the updated Community Safety Element assesses the City’s vulnerability to hazards created or exacerbated by climate change and further identifies adaptation and resilience goals. This Community Safety Element updates La Puente’s current 2004 Community Safety Element, which addresses hazard mitigation, emergency response, noise, and safety services. La Puente’s 2024 Community Safety Element update also includes a replacement of all sections with the exception of noise, which will be addressed in its own stand-alone general plan element upon its next update.
The City is also in the process of updating the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP).   Integration between the Safety Element and LHMP encourages local hazard awareness that further improves effective implementation of hazard mitigation strategies. The LHMP community outreach efforts are soon to kick-off within the next couple of months.  Be on the lookout for more LHMP updates to come.
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The updated 2024 Community Safety Element draft is ready for your review! Send written comments to Abraham Tellez, Planning Manager by email at
To Review La Puente’s 2024 Community Safety Element click HERE
The City Council meeting of March 22, 2022, Council directed staff to receive and file the 2021 Housing Element Annual Progress Report and submit the report to the California Department and the Office of Planning and Research. 
Click here to view the 2021 Annual Progress Report Summary


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