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Business Licenses

Conducting Business in La Puente

Chapter 5.04 of the La Puente Municipal Code requires every person conducting a business, profession, trade, or occupation within the City of La Puente to obtain a business license, and to pay the applicable business tax and all other appropriate business license fees.

Please note: All businesses are required to pay a State Mandated Fee of $4.00.

In-Town Businesses

In-Town Businesses are those businesses that are within the jurisdiction of La Puente. Information such as name of the business, names of all business owners, the state resale tax number, and the federal employer tax identification number are requested. The application must be fully complete to be accepted.

New businesses, change of address, or change of ownership are required a $150.00 non-refundable one time application fee in addition to the business license tax and state mandated fee. The basic license tax fee is $50.00 plus $5.00 per employee, including the owner(s).

In-Town businesses must submit a City Business License Application Form as well as a Notice To Prospective Businesses Statement of Intended Use (Form 30) required by the County of Los Angeles Fire Department Fire Prevention Division.

More information can be found in the applications below:

Please note that business licenses are non-transferable. 

Home Based Businesses 

Home based businesses within the City of La Puente are require to obtain a Home Occupation License.  There is a $150.00 non-refundable one time application fee, a home occupation inspection fee of $67.00, in addition to the business license tax and state mandated fee.

For a home occupancy business license application, the “Statement of Intended Use” is required with the application. A sample statement is included with the application form.

Business Inspections

Along with the application, the City will require certain inspections of the business location, depending on the type of business. The agencies conducting the inspections may include:

  • Planning Department
  • Code Enforcement
  • Building and Safety
  • Fire Department
  • Health Department

Out-of-Town Businesses

Contractors and subcontractors are also required to obtain a business license if providing services in the City of La Puente. The general contractor fee is $50.00 and $40.00 for a subcontractor. The one-time application review fee of $150.00 is also required.

Note: In order for agents of contractors to pull licenses and permits, it is the agent’s responsibility to have a notarized letter and a copy of the state contractor’s card. Otherwise, only a valid driver’s license and the state license card are needed.

Mobile Vending Permit and Business License Application

Pursuant to SB946 City Council adopted Ordinance No. 19-959 that became effective April 26, 2019 which established regulations for Mobile Vending in the City of La Puente.

For all operating requirements please see application below:


More Information

All business licenses must be renewed annually if the business continues operating in the City of La Puente.  New businesses must apply in person at City Hall.

If you are terminating a business, please submit your request by completing the application below and returning to City Hall.

For payments over the phone please complete and submit the credit card authorization form below.

Credit Card Form

For more information and/or assistance you can contact Regina Newcomb at (626) 855-1508, email

San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

COVID-19 Resource Guide for Businesses (Links to Federal, State and Local Resources)

Additional Information:

Los Angeles County Health Department Complaint System

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz):

Go-Biz offers information for employers, employees, and all California as it relates to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  • S. Small Business Administration guidance and resource
  • CA Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank) finance programs
  • California Capital Access Program (CalCap) (1-500 Employees)
  • Cal-OSBA – Small Business Assistance & Resources

New Business Licenses in and out of the City by month of application





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