Maintenance Division

The Public Works – Maintenance Division provides a wide variety of services to the City’s residents and visitors. The Division operates and maintains city-owned facilities, parks, roads, sidewalks, and curb infrastructure and provides partial maintenance on sewers and storm drains.

Graffiti or other vandalism is a public nuisance, and the City of La Puente is dedicated to proactively seeking and removing unsightly and obnoxious graffiti in public areas. Working in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Graffiti Abatement Unit of the Maintenance Division proactively seeks and removes graffiti. Residents are encouraged to call the City’s Graffiti Hotline to report graffiti to (626) 855-1598.

The City of La Puente is an “Urban Forest Tree City.” Trees have many benefits; they beautify our City, increase property value, lower air temperature, intercept particulate matter and absorb gasses through their leaves. The City’s Maintenance Division is responsible for all maintenance needs of our 4,986 parkway trees, including trimming, planting, and treating pests and diseases. For tree trimming, planting, or removal requests, please call the Maintenance Division at (626) 855-1522.

The Maintenance Division maintains all City public facilities including the La Puente Park and Puente Creek Nature Education Center Park using cost effective planning, designing, and construction practices.

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and cleaning of 63.2 miles of
La Puente City sewers and 1,386 La Puente City street manholes.

The Maintenance Division maintains the City of La Puente’s 34.5 miles of streets and medians. The Maintenance Division is also responsible for providing convenient and safe public right-of-ways, such as parkways, sidewalks, and curbs, conducting weed abatement, removing and disposing of debris, and abandoned shopping carts. To report pot-holes, damaged sidewalks, curbs, or streets, or request removal of debris on City streets or in the public right-of-way, please call the Maintenance Division at (626) 855-1522.

Street Sweeping

Valley Vista Services is the City’s street sweeping contractor. Please see the attached City of La Puente Street Sweeping Map for street sweeping routes and schedules.


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