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Welcome to the City of La Puente! Located 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley, the community of La Puente is predominantly residential and home to over 40,000 residents. Freeway access to the City is readily available from the 10 Interstate and 60 Freeway.

The City’s name “La Puente” means the bridge in old Spanish and refers to an early bridge built across the San Jose Creek by members of the Portola-Serra expedition in 1769, as they surveyed the region for Spain. A modernized version of the bridge can be seen in the City’s colorful seal.

The community of La Puente began in 1841 when European settlers arrived by wagon train from New Mexico and obtained title to the large 48,000 acre Rancho La Puente. During the 1930’s, the area was famous for its fruit and walnut groves. The largest walnut packing plant in the world was located in the City.

Today, the City of La Puente is approximately 3.48 square miles and is home to approximately 40,000 people. It is primarily a residential community (70%) with multiple types of businesses located primarily along major highways and streets. Industrial land use is less than five percent (5%) of the City’s 3.5 square mile land area. The City’s rural community is preserved by a well-defined general plan.

The City of La Puente is a general municipal city incorporated on August 1, 1956. It is governed by the City Council/City Manager form of government. The City’s five-member City Council is elected by the residents, and a mayor is elected annually by the City Council to serve a twelve-month term. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to oversee the daily activities of the City.

Under the direction of the City Manager, the Administrative Services Department oversees the day-to-day administrative and financial activities of the City, including finance, human resources and risk management.  The City Clerk oversees public information, elections, agenda management, contract administration and legislative actions of the City.  The Community Services Department oversees parks and recreation and senior services.  Development Services Department encompasses building and planning as well as public works and engineering. 

The City operates various facilities to serve the community.  These include a City Hall, Community Center, Senior Center, Youth Learning Activity Center, La Puente Park, and Puente Creek Nature Education Center Park. There are seventeen schools, two libraries, and a health center serving the City’s residents.


City Hall:

15900 E. Main Street

La Puente, CA 91744


Community Center:

501 N. Glendora Avenue

La Puente, CA 91744


Senior Center:

16001 Main Street

La Puente, CA 91744


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