Violation Reports

Help keep our neighborhoods clean and attractive. Well-kept neighborhoods increase property values, improve the quality of life in our community, and discourage crime and graffiti.

Types of requests that may be submitted include:

Property Maintenance
Parking Violations
Animal Control
Discarded Furniture
Items in the public right of way
Abandoned Shopping Carts
Unlicensed Businesses
Illegal Parking
Yard Sales
Inoperative Vehicles
Construction without permits
Illegal Vending
Pot Holes
Temporary Outdoor Sales
Public Tree Maintenance
Illegal Garage Conversions
Illegal Signs or Banners
Weeds or Overgrown Vegetation

To report or request investigation of a violation, use the City’s GO-REQUEST system. When you create a “New Issue” you may select the type of request, add a picture, add a comment and your e-mail address, then click SUBMIT. Once submitted they system will alert Staff with GPS coordinates of where the issue is located.  You will receive an e-mail with a request tracking number which will enable you to track the issue submitted.


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