Commitees & Commissions

The City of La Puente has three established Commissions made up of citizens who play a vital part in shaping the City’s future and quality of life by providing public input into the local government process. For information on a particular Commission, click on the Commission name below.

Education Commission

Planning Commission

Puente Pride Commission

Interested in applying for a Commission? Applications may be submitted to the City Clerk’s office at any time. Applications received from individuals who are not appointed under the City’s procedures will remain on file in the office of the City Clerk for one year and automatically be resubmitted for consideration should an unscheduled vacancy occur on a commission for which they had applied. A person is only allowed to serve on one commission at any given time. No elected official shall be allowed to serve on any of the City’s commissions.

Application for Appointive Position

Maddy Act Notice (posted in compliance with Government Code section 54970)

Local Appointment List

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