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Reopening Guidelines

County Revised Order
Orange Tier

The following is the revised County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Order of the Health Officer requirements for conditional and limited reopening of certain lower-risk retail businesses and public spaces. The requirements listed should be complied with until further notice.

Public Health is asking business owners to renew their commitment to infectious disease control measures and adhere to the Health Officer Order. They are urged to take immediate action to implement strategies that protect workers and customers. Violations of the Health Officer Order can result in citations, fines, and the full closure of non-compliant facilities.

Fines will be issued to businesses that are non-compliant that can range from $100 for the first offense to $500 and a 30 day permit suspension for multiple offenses. This includes businesses licensed and permitted by the health department and those that are not. 

To find the requirements that apply to your operation, see the category below that best applies to your operation:


General Retail
Retail Protocols 
Car Washes Protocols
Shopping Center Operator Protocols
75% indoor capacity for retail stores. 25% indoor capacity for car washes.
All facilities are open that support retail businesses at limited occupancy provided that they can adhere to distancing and infection control protocols. 
Daycare for School-Aged Children
Facilities remain open, with limit of 14 children and up to 2 staff or fewer in order to maintain physical distancing. 
Protocols       Breweries, Wineries and Craft Distilleries
Indoor dining – at restaurants only may open at 50% occupancy, based on applicable building or fire code occupancy limits, or 200 people, whichever is less. Only members, up to 6, from the same household can be seated together at the same table in the indoor dining area. All establishments must verbally inform customers prior to seating that everyone sharing a table indoors  Must be from the same household. Breweries, Wineries, and Craft Distilleries may now open indoors at 25% maximum capacity, or 100 people, whichever is fewer.
Places of Worship
Places of Worship should engage in outdoor or remote faith-based services.
50% occupancy. Visitors are instructed that they must wear cloth face coverings during their visit. The covering is to be worn by the employee at all times during the workday when in contact or likely to come into contact with others. Employees need not wear a cloth face covering when the employee is alone in a private office or a walled cubicle. Everyone who can carry out their work duties from home has been directed to do so.
Gyms and Fitness Establishments
Gyms and fitness establishments may reopen for indoor operations up to 25% occupancy.
Personal Care Establishments
75% maximum indoor capacity.

To file a complaint or report a problem to the Los Angeles County Environmental Health Division of the Department of Public Health, click HERE. They are an enforcement agency responsible for the inspection of various types of businesses.

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