Trees and Roots

Parkway Trees

The Maintenance Division, in conjunction with West Coast Arborists Inc., maintains street trees citywide.  Please call (626) 855-1522 for any of the following issues:

  • A tree or tree branch has fallen and/or is blocking traffic.
  • If you believe that a parkway tree is causing structural damage.
  • If you are requesting the removal of a parkway tree, the City may remove a tree if it is dead, dying, causing a danger to the general public or causing structural damage.  Removals of City trees for nuisance reasons, such as falling leaves, seeds, or dropping sap on cars or property will be considered on a case by case basis. 
  • Sewer line problems caused by City parkway tree roots.  Although tree roots may invade a sewer line, tree roots do not break sewer lines.  Tree roots in lateral sewer lines indicate a broken sewer line and repairs are the responsibility of the home owner. 

Tree Roots

Tree roots that invade and cause sewer line problems may be indicative of a broken sewer line.  The repair of a lateral sewer line is the responsibility of the homeowner.  If you have any questions regarding tree roots that have invaded sewer lines, please call (626) 855-1522 for further information.

To avoid sewer problems, homeowners may take the following measures:

  • Know where your sewer line is located
  • Do not plant trees or any deep rooted vegetation within 15 feet of a sewer line
  • Install a sewer clean out if you do not have one in the front of your residence
  • Use baskets or strainers in the sink drain to catch large food particles
  • Be cautious of chemicals and additives that may further clog sewer lines

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