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What Kind of Home is Eligible for a Grant and/or Loan?

Homes eligible for a grant and/or loan must be a single-family owner-occupied detached home.

What Type of Repairs is Eligible under the Housing Rehab Program?

A Priority repair is determined by the City with priority given to exterior repairs. These items include but are not limited to: Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Correcting health and safety items and painting.

What Type of Repairs Are NOT eligible under the program?

There are several repairs that are not eligible through the program, these items include but are not limited to: landscaping, Installation of Air Conditioners, Fences and purchase of appliances.

Can I get both the Housing Grant and the Loan?

Yes, but only if you have not received a loan and/or grant in the last 7-years and any City loans, previously awarded, have been paid off.

How Do I Apply for a Grant and/or Loan?

If you are interested in the Housing Rehabilitation Program, contact the Housing Division or visit City Hall and fill out an application. Upon submittal, the application is date-stamped, numbered, and put on the Waiting List. The time period for the Waiting List varies, depending on the number of applications already received.

Who can obtain a building permit?

A building permit may be obtained by the property owner, licensed contractor or an employee or authorized representative of either on. Please refer to: When permits are needed?

When permits are needed?

The following types of projects require permits including, but not limited to:

  1. All New Building or Additions to Existing Buildings
  2. Remodeling and/or changing the existing floor plan or changing any roof Design
  3. Remodeling and/or changing the existing floor plan or changing any roof Design
  4. Re-roofing of all buildings including dwellings, garages and patio covers
  5. Patios and porches – Open and enclosed
  6. Storage sheds or playhouses exceeding 120 square feet in floor area
  7. Garage Conversions(Replacement covered parking must be provided)
  8. Demolition of un-permitted structures/additions
  9. Swimming pools in excess of 5,000 gallons above or in-ground
  10. Retaining walls over 4 feet in height and/or holding a surcharge of soil
  11. Window and exterior door replacement
  12. New exterior and/or interior wall/ceiling coverings such as stucco, siding or drywall
  13. New fireplaces
  14. Commercial/Industrial tenant improvements
  15. Fire alarm and suppression systems

Electrical Permits

  1. Upgrading/changing or adding any electric service panel board
  2. Replacing or adding branch circuits from any main or sub panel board
  3. Adding any new wiring to existing branch circuits
  4. Replacing or installing new any electrical equipment such as motors,
    signs, neon tubing, air conditioners, etc.
  5. New wiring for room additions, garages, carports, sheds and patios
  6. Low voltage (24V) or greater security alarm/monitoring systems

Pluming/Sewer Permits

  1. Replacing water heaters/boilers
  2. Lawn sprinklers/irrigation systems
  3. Replacing water distribution piping such as copper, etc.
  4. Replacing house waste/venting systems
  5. Replacing or adding new fixtures such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, and dishwashers
  6. Adding new laundry utility hookups for washers and dryers
  7. Replacing water main supply lines from the meter to the entry of the dwelling or structure
  8. Replacing or adding new gas lines
  9. Replacing or adding new sewer lines and or backfilling/abandoning septic tanks or cesspools

Mechanical Permits

  1. Replacing or adding new wall furnaces, forced air units (FAU), and any other fixed heating appliances
  2. Replacing or adding new air conditioners and/or condensing compressor units for cooling air and evaporative coolers (swamp Coolers)
  3. Replacing or adding new supply/ return ducts and air outlets/inlets
  4. Replacing or adding new absorption units such as walk-in coolers/refrigeration units
  5. Replacing or adding new exhaust systems such as range hood assemblies and clothes dryers for gas fired appliances
  6. Dust product conveying systems in industrial uses
  7. Replacing or adding new ventilation equipment for fresh air systems
What are the hours of operation for Construction?

Per La Puente Municipal Code 4.34.020(f), construction hours of operation are limited to the following days and hours:

  • Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday – 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. – Interior work only
  • Sunday & City Holidays – No construction is permitted
Do I need permits to back fill my pool?

Yes, you are required to obtain a Demolition permit.

How many sets of plans do I need to submit for a plan check?

Three (3) complete sets with Planning stamp of approval are needed to submit for a plan check.

Are structural calculations required for solar panels review?

It depends on the roof structure of the existing building. Structural calculations will be required if the existing roof supports are over-spanned.

What Do I Need to Obtain My Passport?

To obtain your passport, you must fill out the passport application, provide two passport pictures, bring your birth certificate or naturalization certificate, and identification.

What Forms of Payment Do Passport Orders Accept?

For passport orders, City Hall only accepts checks or money orders.

Do I Have to be Present For My Child To Obtain a Passport?

Children under the age of 16 must have both parents present to obtain a passport.

Bus Pass Requirements?

You must be a La Puente resident to obtain a Bus Pass at City Hall.

What Bus Passes Can Be Purchased at City Hall?

Bus passes Available for purchase at City Hall are: Metro, Foothill Transit, EZ Passes, and Metrolink.

Where Can I Pay My Parking Ticket

You may pay your parking ticket in-person at La Puente City Hall at 15900 E. Main Street, La Puente, CA 91744, online, or by phone at (855) 469-4473. Methods of payment accepted in-person are cash, checks, and money orders. You may only pay with a credit card/debit card online or by phone.

How and Where Can I Appeal My Parking Ticket?

You can appeal your Parking Ticket by filling out an appeal form at La Puente City Hall, submit the appeal form online, or mail your written appeal to 15900 E. Main Street, La Puente, CA 91744.

Where Do I Get A Certificate of Correction For License Plate or Tabs Violation?

Vehicles must be inspected and certified by a participant Law Enforcement Agency, such as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Submit your proof of correction and a reduce fee of $10.00 to La Puente City Hall.

Does the City of La Puente Issue Parking Permits?

The City of La Puente does not issue parking permits.

Can I set up a business in my home?

Please contact the Planning Division at (626) 855-1538 to obtain Home Occupation Business License information.

How many dwelling units can I build on my property?

The number of dwelling units permitted is based on several factors. The most important are the Zoning and General Plan designations. If your property lies in a multi-family district, then depending on the lot size, it may be possible to construct additional units. Contact the Planning Division at (626) 855-1538 to discuss additional density.

What is the zoning of my property?

Please contact the Planning Division at (626) 855-1538 to obtain zoning information.

What are the permitted uses on my property/what can I do on my property?

Once you obtain the Zoning and General Plan designation for your property from the Planning Division, you can view our Zoning Code and review all permitted uses within your zoning district.

What can I build on my property?

Once you obtain the Zoning and General Plan designation for your property from the Planning Division, you can view our Zoning Code and review all the development standards within your zoning district.

I’m building a room addition. What are my setbacks?

Setback information can be obtained from the Zoning Code. You must know the zoning designation of your property in order to determine the setback information. Zoning information is available by contacting the Planning Division at (626) 855-1538.

What new developments are going in La Puente?

Contact the Planning Division at (626) 855-1538 or the Building Division at (626) 855-1542 to obtain information of new development within the City of La Puente.

What are the requirements to build a block wall or fence?

You may obtain the fencing requirements in the Zoning Code or you may contact the Planning Division at (626) 855-1538.

What is a Variance?

A variance is a permit issued to a landowner by an administrative agency (Planning Commission, or the City Council acting as an administrative agency) to deviate from the required development standards (e.g. parking, setbacks) set forth in the zoning regulations. In order to be approved for a variance, the proposal must meet several State-mandated findings.

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