The City of La Puente

Strategic Plan


Update from the Januay 10, 2019 Meeting

Since 2014, the City of La Puente has carried out a Three Year Strategic Plan with goals that will assist the City in providing world class service to its residents and businesses. The City Council and City Staff update the Strategic Plan every 6 months and routinely report on its progress during City Council Meetings on a quarterly basis.


La Puente is a friendly, culturally diverse, family-oriented small town city that provides quality services in a socially and fiscally responsible manner.


The City of La Puente values . . .

Fiscal sustainability

Honesty and Integrity


Quality of life


Planning for the future



Develop a highly effective organization

Enhance communication and outreach efforts

Enhance infrastructure and City facilities

Attract, develop and retain qualified staff at all levels

Enhance public safety


  • Passing of  SB 361—allows us to use our Landscape and Lighting District (LLD) money for broader purposes
  • Adopted an ordinance prohibiting recreational marijuana facilities
  • Painted City Hall and replaced damaged and worn flooring
  • Painted the Senior Center and replaced old flooring
  • Completed 12 new bus shelters
  • Received the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Award
  • Painted low income and senior occupied La Puente residences in partnership with the Sheriff’s Department
  • Completed our city-wide sign inventory study
  • Held a successful Main Street Community 5k Run
  • Completed a Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Held multiple Business Watch meetings engaging businesses in a manner to inform and receive input
  • City Council awarded a contract for an ADA self-evaluation and transition plan
  • City Council adopted a Sanctuary City resolution
  • An asbestos abatement program for City Hall was formulated and completed
  • Began creating an Emergency Response Plan in conjunction with the Sheriff and other entities
  • Instructed staff to engage technical experts and prepare a Social Media Marketing Plan
  • Created a plan for purchasing and upgrading street lights in the City to LED efficiency providing a cost savings and potential revenue conversion
  • Established six ad hoc committees of the Council to review and specific subject areas—Military Banner, Code Enforcement, Parks, Art in Public Places, Sign Enhancement & Community Inventory, Grant Writing
  • Community outreach expanded by the Sheriff’s Department
  • Coffee With a Cop
  • Sheriff’s Department Prayer Breakfast
  • Spring Egg Hunt
  • Had an Immigrant “Know Your Rights” forum
  • Held a Youth in Government Day for our LEAD Program
  • Held a Mock City Council meeting for our LEAD Program
  • Saint Stephen’s Church had a resource fair giveaway
  • Facilitated the Love Loud community clean up event
  • Upgraded the In Code financial system
  • Participated in the annual homeless count
  • Completed the inventory of the sidewalk trip and fall hazards—fixed over 10,000 locations
  • Hosted a Health Fair with the Mexican Consulate
  • Held a Veteran’s Day ceremony at City Hall
  • Approved the Del Valle Housing Project of 45 homes
  • Approved a remodel of the 172 unit Pritchard apartments
  • Earth Day Tree Planting Event
  • Finished Valley Wall
  • Facilitated opening of Dearden’s (electronic and houseware stores)
  • Completed the Temple Landscaping Project
  • Installed security cameras in our Community Center
  • We were awarded HSIP grant of $750,000 for enhanced crosswalks
  • Approved a new vet/animal hospital at Glendora Avenue
  • Prepared the 2017-2018 budget
  • Proceeded with and completed a Classification and Compensation Study
  • Published many Spotlight newsletters for the community
  • Contesting onerous stormwater regulations from the State government
  • Applied for a Little League Baseball grant for $20,000
  • Facilitated the remodel of Burger King
  • Holiday Parades and Tree Planting Ceremonies
  • Youth Coalition Carnival
  • Completed our energy audit
  • Closed an illegal marijuana shop
  • Completed acquisition of Street Lighting Maintenance District from LA County
  • New Concrete baseball field repair
  • Repairs to the snack shack at the park
  • Increase movies in the park
  • Passing of Measure LP
  • Park Master Plan
  • Park Maintenance manual for City
  • Park bathroom renovations
  • Increased law enforcement
  • Training/curriculum for public works and staff
  • Payoff of the Community Center debt
  • Citizen initiated petition process was performed in an accurate, thorough and organized manner
  • Conducted an ethical, professional and transparent election process
  • Completed LED retrofit of street lights
  • Resurfaced park playground area
  • Completed Amar traffic signal improvements
  • Completed local streets resurfacing project near Amar and Hacienda
  • Completed citywide concrete repairs at 230 locations through the City

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