The City of La Puente

Planning Division

The Planning Division provides staff support to the City Council and Planning Commission in formulating and administering plans, programs, development standards, and legislation for guiding the City’s development in a manner consistent with the City’s General Plan. The Division’s primary goal is to ensure and enhance the quality of life in the City through the administration of the La Puente Municipal Code relative to zoning and subdivisions, the City’s General Plan, the California Environmental Quality Act, and a variety of interrelated laws involving the public health, safety, and welfare. It accomplishes these goals through current and advanced planning responsibilities.

Current Planning

Current planning involves reviewing development projects, including anything from single-family residential additions to new commercial and industrial projects. Projects are reviewed for compliance with zoning regulations, the effect the project will have on the environment, and compatibility with neighboring uses.

Advanced Planning

Advance Planning is responsible for articulating the City’s community’s long-range vision through land use and policy planning. 

La Puente Housing Element Update 2021-2029

The City of La Puente is updating its Housing Element of the General Plan.  The Housing Element outlines our housing policies, goals, and programs, as well as opportunities for new housing over the next eight years.  To learn more or to stay up-to-date, please check back here for updates or contact Abraham Tellez, Senior Planner, at (626) 855-1513 or

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Zoning Code

To access the City’s Zoning Code Ordinance, click on the following link:

City of La Puente Zoning Code Ordinance

To access the City’s Zoning Code – Online Interactive Version, click on the following link

City of La Puente Interactive Zoning Code

Zoning Map

To access the City’s Zoning Map, click on the following link:

City of La Puente Zoning Map

To verify property address is located within the City of La Puente jurisdiction, click on the following link:

LA County Service Locator

General Plan

The City of La Puente General Plan documents our shared vision of tomorrow and defines the steps to progress from the present to the future. The General Plan is a long-range policy document (with a projected horizon of 15 to 20 years), frequently referred to as the guidebook or “blueprint” for our City’s development. This blueprint directs the look, the feel, and the experience of our City now and in the future.

To access the City’s General Plan, click on the following link:

City of La Puente General Plan

To access the City’s General Plan Map, click on the following link:

City of La Puente General Plan Map

Specific Plans

Specific Plans define the vision for various communities and development areas in the City. These plans include development standards (e.g. lot coverage, setbacks) for private properties and public infrastructure planning distinct from the rest of the City.

Unruh Specific Plan

Housing Element

The Housing Element is one of the seven state-mandated elements of the City of La Puente’s General Plan and provides a framework to address the existing and projected housing needs of our community’s economic segments. The Housing Element is required to be updated every eight years to ensure compliance with any changes in State housing laws, consider changes in demographics, and demonstrate the ability to meet future housing needs.

To access the City’s Housing Element 2013-2021, click on the following link:

Housing Element 2013-2021

Planning Applications & Handouts

Building Identification Sign Application

Business Permit – (Application)

CONDITIONAL-MINOR USE PERMIT APPLICATIONThe Conditional-Minor Use Permit allows for the city to consider special uses which may be essential, or desirable, to a particular community, but which are not allowed as a matter of right within a zoning district, through a public hearing process.

Development Agreement (Application)

ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT FORM – The purpose of this application is to assist staff in determining the appropriate environmental clearance for your project.

FENCE PERMIT APPLICATION – The Fence Permit allows for the construction of artificial barriers of various material, including shrubbery, or combination of materials erected on a parcel of land.

FENCE PLOT PLAN HANDOUT – Sample Fence Plot Plan

Film Permit – (Application)

Lot Line Adjustment – Modification or rearrangement of a property line between two (2) and four (4) legal, adjacent parcels that does not result in the creation of additional parcels.

Minor Variance – May be approved when, because of special circumstances applicable to the property, the strict application of the Zoning Code denies the owner of the property privileges enjoyed by other property located nearby and in an identical zone.

Municipal Code Amendment – (Application)

Peddlers Permit – (Application)

Planned Development Permit – (Application)

PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING PERMIT APPLICATION – A Promotional Advertising Permit allows for a business with a valid Business License to erect a temporary sign consisting of a banner on a commercial or industrial property where a new business is opening or has opened at that property where the sign is displayed.

RADIUS MAP REQUIREMENTS HANDOUT – Radius Maps consist of a circle created around a specific point on a map, such as a city address. They are required upon submittal of any application that involves a public hearing or public notice. The range of the radius depends on the type of application.

SITE PLAN AND DESIGN REVIEW APPLICATION – [N] Residential and Commercial Construction, Residential and Commercial Additions, Commercial Facade Improvements, Patios above 120 SF, and Storage Sheds above 120 SF

SITE PLAN AND DESIGN REVIEW – ADU APPLICATION – [N] Accessory Dwelling Unit Construction, Conversion of an [E] Accessory Structure into an ADU, and Conversion of an [E] Habitable Space into an ADU

SITE PLAN REVIEW APPLICATION – Interior Remodels, Landscaping, Modifications to an [E] Wireless Facility, Patios under 120 SF, and Storage Sheds under 120 SF

Sign Plan Application – (Application) New sign construction, master sign programs

Solicitors Permit – (Application)

Specific Plan Amendment Application

TEMPORARY USE PERMIT APPLICATION – The temporary outdoor promotional sale permit allows for outdoor display and sale events (i.e., sidewalk and parking lot sales) conducted by a retail business holding a valid Business License.

Tentative Parcel Map Application – Subdivision of Land – Generally resulting in four (4) or less parcels

Tentative Tract Map Application – Subdivision of Land – Generally resulting in five (5) or more parcels

Variance Application – Proposal of development of land that varies from development standards as prescribed by the La Puente Municipal Code where a property is unique is shape, size, or topography

Zoning Code/Map Amendment Application

FEE SCHEDULE – Please check with the Planning Division for applicable fees. 

Contact Information

Senior Planner
Abraham Tellez
Phone: (626) 855-1513

Assistant Planner
Juan Galvan
Phone: (626) 855-1538

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