The City of La Puente

Help our four legged friends that need a home or get back to the ones they love.

Why We Do What We Do

Our City of La Puente Animal Control Officer’s (ACO’s) are dedicated to serving the community at a level far above that received via County contract services.  We are dedicated to serving both the residents and their animals, focusing on the proper care and welfare of our four legged friends.  Our “enforce via assistance” approach helps us better connect with CLP residents while solving common animal control related issues.  We firmly believe that community collaboration is the best way to get things done.

Please Adopt Me!

The City of La Puente is proud to be working with VIDA (Volunteers in Defense of Animals) an organization dedicated to the humane treatment of our animals in need of care and a new home. With over 400 adoption and advocacy groups connected to VIDA, our stray dogs and cats have the best chance of finding a new home!

If you would like to volunteer at VIDA, please visit VIDA’s website:

Check here regularly to see the various animals that have found their way into our hands. We encourage everyone to seek the amazing friendship that a pet can provide. The images and details of those four-legged friends that are in our care will be posted as soon as they come to us and we will let you know what we can about each of them.

I Lost My Dog< What Do I Do?

It’s very stressful to discover that your dog or cat is missing, but knowing what to do next can make all the difference.  First, thoroughly check your property to see if your pet is simply hiding, then make a quick walk or drive around your block to see if he/she is near by.

If there’s no sign of your pet, and you live within the incorporated (actual city, not county) area of La Puente, give City of La Puente’s Animal Control a call at 626.855.1555; our officers will obtain pertinent information from you and assist in locating your lost pet.  It’s important to know that our primary shelter, where we place recovered strays, is VIDA (Volunteers in Defense of Animals.) VIDA is open during business hours to the residents of La Puente who are looking for their lost dog or cat. Go to for more information on this wonderful, humane rescue shelter organization.  If you live in the county area of La Puente, L.A. County Animal Control is you provider, however, the city is a great contact if your pet has strayed into the city limits.


City of La Puente’s Animal Control is here for you 24/7!  626.855.1555


As of July 1st 2019, all city animal licensing has been facilitated by the City of La Puente, not LA County.

When it is time to renew your pet’s license, residents can visit our all new pet licensing web portal at NextPet where anyone can register for new pet licensing, updating rabies, and even check that you and your pet’s information is up to date at your convenience. But residents can always visit La Puente City Hall and fill out an application for a new City Pet License. (Be to sure to bring proof of rabies shots with you.)

La Puente / NextPet for pet licensing

Pet Licensing Rates

 Unaltered Dog $60 Altered Dog $20
 Unaltered Cat $10  Altered Cat $5

Seniors (60+ years) and Veterans with Disabilities Altered Dog $7.50 

Questions? call 626.855.1555

Found pets are also posted on the City’s Facebook page.

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