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The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services is the lead agency for communicable diseases affecting the public in the City of La Puente. For general information or questions about COVID-19:

  • Visit their website
  • Dial 2-1-1 or call (888) 700-9995
  • Send an e-mail


This Revised County of Los Angeles Health Officer Order (Order) supersedes all prior Safer At Home orders (Prior Orders) issued by the County of Los Angeles Health Officer (Health Officer). This Order is issued to comply with State Executive Orders N-33-20 and N-60-20 issued by Governor Gavin Newsom, and the accompanying orders of the State Public Health Officer issued on March 19, May 7, July 13, July 17, 2020, and August 28, 2020.

This Order’s intent is to continue to ensure that County of Los Angeles (County) residents remain in their residences as much as practicable, to limit close contact with others outside their household in both indoor and outdoor spaces. All persons who can telework or work from home should continue to do so as much as possible during this pandemic. This Order allows persons to engage in all permitted activities, as defined by the Order, but requires that persons practice Social (Physical) Distancing, at all times while out in public and wear a cloth face covering over both the nose and mouth when in or likely to be in contact with others, to lower the risks of disease transmission through person-to-person contact for themselves and others.

 See the order here!



 We have a COVID-19 Vaccine Healthcare Provider Information Hub.

The webpage includes:

  • Information on each of the vaccines available
  • Clinical considerations for vaccination
  • Upcoming webinars
  • Information on talking with patients
  • Information on becoming a COVID-19 vaccination provider
  • And more!

Key information from these webpages is provided below:

Becoming a Vaccination Provider

The COVID-19 Vaccine Healthcare Provider Information Hub has a section titled “Becoming a COVID-19 Vaccination Provider” to which interested facilities should refer. This information may evolve over time.

For questions, an entity wanting to be a vaccine administrator can contact our Vaccine Administration Provider Line (information at the same link as above). Please note this is only for entities with questions about being an administrator, not for the general public.

Vaccine Administration Provider Line 

-Questions about vaccine distribution, storage and handling, and guidance on registering to receive the vaccine through the CDPH enrollment website.

How Healthcare Workers Sign Up to Receive the Vaccine

Individuals who are in Phase 1A,  (the phase we are currently vaccinating) may be informed by their employer if their employer is receiving vaccine distributions.

If not, a person who is a healthcare worker can learn more about the vaccine distribution process and sign up to receive the vaccine at our dedicated vaccine page: This page is only for healthcare workers.

Identification is required at the appointment. Our sign-up webpage states that, “You must bring one of the 4 sets of documentation listed below to your appointment in order to be vaccinated.

  1. HCW employee badge with photo OR
  2. Professional license AND a photo ID OR
  3. Signed letter from employer on facility letterhead AND a photo ID OR
  4. Payment stub from healthcare provider with your name AND a photo ID.”

To find out when vaccines are being offered to new tiers of healthcare workers, people can sign-up for email updates.

Be informed.

Know and share the facts.

What You Need to Know*
Fact sheet on COVID-19
English  |  Español  |  中文

What You Should Know**
Infographic on COVID-19

What to Do if You Are Sick*
Tips to prevent virus spread
English  |  Español  |  中文

How to Cope With Stress**
Dealing with emotional distress
English  |  Español  |  中文

Sharing Facts About COVID-19*
Help stop the spread of rumors
English  |  中文

Steps for Handwashing**
Provides proper handwashing techniques
English  |  Español  |  中文

*  Centers for Disease Control

**LA County Department of Public Health

Stay informed.

Go online for the latest updates.

LA County Department of Public Health
(regional public health provider)
Facebook  |  Twitter  I  Website

Centers for Disease Control
(national health protection agency)
Facebook  |  Twitter  I  Website
Instagram: @cdcgov

California Department of Public Health
(state public health agency)
Facebook  |  Twitter  I  Website

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