Mission Statement

  We are a friendly, culturally diverse family- oriented small town city.
  We provide quality services in a socially and fiscally responsible manner.

Vision Statement

  A destination for family living, business, and recreation, capitalizing on our rich culture.

Spotlight La Puente

Earthquake Flye

Earthquake Flye

Earthquake Flye

Earthquake Flye

Earthquake Flye

September Earthquake Preparedness


City Hall Address: 15900 Main Street, La Puente CA 91744

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La Puente Phone Maintenance Notice

Phone Maintenance

The City of La Puente Request for Proposals (RFPs) for its Housing Element Update 2013-2017.

Click [here] for the RFP

Click [here]for the Professional Services Agreement Sample


Harbor Freight


City of La Puente – 23rd annual Main Street Run Results

Click [here] for your results.

The City of La Puente Request for Proposals (RFPs) for Information Technology Management and Support Services.

Click [here] for the notice inviting bids

Click [here] for the RFP

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the Ebola Virus

(Please click the image below for the full PDF document)

ebola q&a

October 7, 2014 Strategic Plan

Six months ago, the City of La Puente conducted a Strategic Planning Retreat to determine the City’s objectives and goals. Six months later, on October 7, 2014, the City hosted a follow up Strategic Planning Retreat to evaluate multiple projects and determine new goals.

To view the new Strategic Plan, click [here].

To view the next six month Strategic Objectives, click [here].

Remember to vote on November 4th. Register to vote and find your polling place at LAVote.net!

LA Votes

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La Puente ROPS

The Oversight Board approved a resolution number 14-18 last September 25, 2014 to the Successor Agency to the Dissolved La Puente Community Development Commission approving a Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) 14-15B pursuant to health and Safety Code Sections 34177(1) and 34177(m) for the period January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015.

ROPS 14-15B

Starbucks Press Release

La Puente Tax Allocation Revenue Refunding Bonds

Mayor Violeta Lewis announced today the successful closing of a $3.7 million dollar refunding of its 2007 Tax Allocation Bond Issue.  The Series 2014 A Revenue Refunding Bonds were issued to refinance the Tax Allocation Bonds issued in 2007.  The refunding of the Prior Bonds will generate a total debt service savings of $1,597,395 million dollars! See the full Press Release here.

La Puente Community Input Workshops on Zoning Code Update

The following workshops have been scheduled for residents to provide input and feedback on the City’s proposed Zoning Code update and revised Zoning Map:

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, September 4, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

All meetings will be held at La Puente City Hall located at 15900 E. Main Street. The City invites residents to attend one of the workshops to provide input and learn about the proposed zoning code update and zoning map. For additional information, please call the City’s Planning Division at (626) 855-1538.

La Puente Oversight Board Update

On July 24, 2014, the Oversight Board approved a resolution number 14-17 authorizing the issuance of tax allocation revenue refunding bonds and approving an indenture, a placement agent agreement and a form of disclosure agreement pursuant to  Health and Safety Code Section 34177.5 (a)(1).

PDFOB Resolution 14-17

The City of La Puente welcomes Sheryl Garcia as the City’s new Chief Deputy City Clerk.

Click the link below for the press release:

PDF Press Release

City of La Puente Sales Tax Update

First Quarter Receipts for Fourth Quarter Sales (Oct – Dec 2013):

PDF Sales Tax Update

The City of La Puente conducted a Strategic Planning Retreat on May 6, 2014. To view the City of La Puente Strategic Plan, please click the link below:

PDFStrategic Plan

La Puente - Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program

Southern California’s citrus is in danger! Help support the Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Program. For more information, please visit www.californiacitrusthreat.org.

PDF Informational Flyer pg.1

PDF Informational Flyer pg. 2

La Puente - Notice of Election for 2014

If you would like to learn more about the Notice of Election for 2014 please click here.

Parking Citation Payments, Inquiries and Appeals

If you have received a parking citation and would like to receive additional information or appeal please click here.

La Puente Request for Proposals For Merchant Card Services

RFP Credit Card Services

Addendum for City of La Puente Merchant Card Services RFP

City Clerk - Passports Update

Effective July 2013 Passport Services will be offered every Wednesday from 1:00 - 4:00 P.M.

Passport Flyer

Consumer Assistance Program

The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) is administered by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) and is designed to help improve California's air quality. A consumer may retire a qualified vehicle and receive $1000. Consumers meeting low income eligibility requirements may receive $1500. In addition, CAP provides qualified consumers who own a vehicle that cannot pass its biennial (every other year) Smog Check inspection up to $500 in financial assistance toward emissions-related repairs.

Applications are available here and must be mailed to 10949 North Mather Boulevard, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 as indicated on the application form.

For more information please click here


Joins with national public safety leaders to promote 9-1-1 awareness and proper usage

The Los Angeles County Fire Department began a month-long campaign in April to help its four million residents of all ages recognize the importance of 9-1-1 and the role they play in ensuring effective and efficient emergency response in times of crisis.  Fire departments across our nation join the United States Congress and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) in recognizing April as National 9-1-1 Education Month, and are encouraging everyone to engage in 9-1-1 awareness and education activities throughout April.
“For 40 years, 9-1-1 has served as the vital link between the American public and emergency services,” says Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief Dave Stone. “Public education and awareness initiatives throughout the years have contributed in large measure to the incredible and ongoing success of the emergency communications system as a whole. It is our hope that all of our local residents will help us promote and educate our communities one family at a time about the lifesaving role that our 9-1-1 system provides.”
As consumers utilize new communications technologies and devices, 9-1-1 education takes on an increased importance for everyone, but especially for children, teens and parents.  
“It is extremely important that the public understand the importance of our 9-1-1 operating system and how it operates.  This way they will be better prepared to use it when an emergency arises.  Understanding how to use 9-1-1 correctly will not only increase your chance of survival, but also help to give our first responders a better scope of the emergency situation,” says Chief Stone.  Our 9-1-1 system is a tool, that if used correctly can save a person’s life.”

The Department decided to launch its new Monthly Public Education Campaign during the month of April to stress the importance of 9-1-1 as the first step in any call for help.  Follow our 9-1-1 tips to test your knowledge of 9-1-1, and teach friends and family members about this critical topic.  Look for continual updates on our social media sites.  Make 9-1-1 work for you so that when you need it, you will know exactly how to use it!

For more information please click here.

EPA to Install Groundwater Monitoring Wells and Conduct Additional Site Investigation in the La Puente Area

Beginning this Fall and continuing through Spring 2013, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be overseeing remedial investigation activities in the Cities of Industry and La Puente, as part of its groundwater cleanup project for the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) Area 4 Superfund Site (known as the Puente Valley Operable Unit, or PVOU).

Click here for more information and to view the EPA fact sheet

How to Recognize and Respond to a Natural Gas Leak

The following information is provided by the Southern California Gas Company:

Recycle Household Batteries

In 2006, household batteries were banned from disposal in the trash because they are corrosive and may contain heavy metals. Battery recycling sites are available throughout the San Gabriel Valley, including Merritt's Ace Hardware in La Puente.
For collection site locations and additional information, click here.

Invasive Species Alert

Asian Tiger Mosquito Update

The Asian Tiger Mosquito was recently identified in an El Monte neighborhood.

Click here for more information.

Click here for a slideshow on mosquito prevention.

City Authorizes $10,000 Reward

The La Puente City Council unanimously passed a motion to set aside $10,000 in a reward fund at its special meeting on Wednesday, January 11, 2012. Although details of issuing the reward need further action, the Council intends for this initial reward be used for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the sexual assault of a female juvenile on January 2nd.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Sheriff's Special Victims Bureau at 11515 S. Colima Rd. D-106 Whittier, CA 90604 or call the hotline at 1-877-710-5273.

Southern California Edison Safety Reminders

With high winds in the forecasts, Southern California Edison (SCE) would like to remind its customers to be prepared in the event of weather-related outages. If you see a downed line or dangling wire; even if it appears not to be live, do not touch or approach it and call 911 immediately. SCE suggests:

  1. If you know someone who is dependent on electrically operated medical equipment, make backup power arrangements in case a power outage affects that equipment.
  2. Watch out for traffic signals that may be out. Approach these intersections as four-way stops.
  3. Make sure you have a battery-operated radio and flashlights. Check the batteries to make sure they are fresh. Use flashlights for lighting during a power outage; do not use candles because they pose a significant fire hazard.
  4. Do not use equipment designed for outdoor cooking indoors. Such equipment can emit carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.
  5. Leave the doors in your refrigerator and freezer closed to keep your food as fresh as possible. An unopened refrigerator can keep foods cold enough for a few hours. A half full freezer will stay cold for up to 24 hours and a full freezer for 48 hours. If you must eat food that was refrigerated or frozen, check it carefully for signs of spoilage.
  6. Check on your neighbors to make sure everyone is safe.
  7. If you use a generator, place it outdoors and plug individual appliances directly into the generator using a heavy-duty extension cord. Connecting generators to household circuits creates 'backfeed', which is dangerous to repair crews.

For more information, please visit www.sce.com
Download PDF here.

A video and fact sheet about power line safety is available at: www.sce.com/powerlines. The information is available in Spanish at: www.sce.com/cables.

Updated Useful Phone Numbers

Our useful phone numbers have been updated to assist callers in reaching the appropriate departments.

Call or Register Online Before You Dig!

Anyone planning to dig must call 811 or input the information online (www.digalert.org) at least two working days before starting their work.

 More Information>

Military Banner Recognition Program

The City of La Puente has adopted a Military Banner Recognition Program for our residents who are currently active in the Military Service. The banners will be displayed along major street corridors in La Puente. Weather permitting the military banners will go up within thirty (30) days. For more information on how to participate in this program,

please click here>


La Puente TV Bulletin Board & Programming Policy Guidelines

The City of La Puente's local television channels, LPTV, provide cablecast information and programs for non-commercial informational purposes in furtherance of the health, welfare and education of the La Puente community.

Channel 3: Will cablecast City of La Puente and City of La Puente-funded organizations' information and programs.

Channel 98: Will cablecast county, state and federal agencies, educational institutions and public utilities information and programs.

 More Information & Application>

California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program

The primary goal of the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA) is to provide an affordable auto insurance option to low-income good drivers.

California Law requires that all drivers be insured. However, too many low-income drivers remain uninsured because the costs of standard insurance premiums are beyond their financial reach. The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program provides affordable liability only auto insurance that meets the state's financial responsibility laws.

For program details including income eligibility requirements and liability premiums broken down by County, please click on the following link:

California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program>

Metro Freeway Service Patrol

Los Angeles has one of the largest intertwining freeway systems in the world, and the city's 27 intertwining freeways service million of commuters each day. Of those millions of commuters, thousands experience some kind of car trouble every day.

Thanks to the Metro Freeway Service Patrol, if you experience car trouble on any one of over 400 miles of Los Angeles Country Freeways the nearest callbox is now as close as your cell phone.

By dialing #399, stranded motorists can obtain free roadside service which includes:

* Changing flat tires
* Jump-starting your car
* Refilling your radiator and taping leaky water hoses
* Putting a gallon of fuel in gas tanks

For more information please click here:

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David Argudo
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Useful Phone Numbers

City Phone Numbers (626) 855-
1500 - City Hall/Administration/Finance
1502 - Community Development
1503 - City Clerk
1542 - Building and Safety
1547 - Planning
1550 - Youth Learning Activity Center
1552 - Boys and Girls Club
1560 - Recreation (Community Center)
1567 - Public Works
1506 - CDBG, Grants & Housing
1583 - Public Safety/Code Enforcement
1585 - Senior Center
1598 - Graffiti Hotline
1599 - Code Enf. Hotline (After Hours)
  800-78-CRIME   800-47-DRUGS
 800-47-ARSON  800-US-FRAUD

Local and National Fair Housing Agencies

Fair Housing Foundation
3605 Long Beach Blvd. #302
Long Beach, CA 90807
Telephone: 800-446-3247
Telephone: 562-989-1206

Housing Rights Center
520 S. Virgil Ave., Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Telephone: 800-477-5977
TTY: 213-201-0867

Fair Housing/Equal Opportunity �
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


National Fair Housing Advocate

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